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IVO Certified Omega-3 Must Come From Renewable Resources.

Our oceans are an amazingly rich resource of foods. These resources, though renewable, are not infinite. To sustain our oceans’ resources-responsible marine stewardship is critical.

IVO™ certification means that when you buy products with the IVO seal, you can feel good about it. You don’t need to worry. The omega-3 from fish or krill oil that you take to improve your health does so—but not at the expense of the environment. Here is what you can count on:


Resource Diversification:

IVO certified products must be sourced only from approved marine species that are wild-caught and have proof of government-issued fishing licenses to help ensure all quota systems, local regulations and global policies are being met.

regulated fishing

Regulated Fishing:

To prevent overfishing, a full 100% of the source must be harvested in compliance with well-managed fishery practices.

by-catch prevention

By-Catch Prevention:

To protect against accidental catches of unintended species, the source fish must be harvested using appropriate sustainable methods such as purse seine nets, sorting grids, and large meshes. Illegal marine mammal by-catch is strictly prohibited.

habitat protection

Habitat Protection:

To prevent damage to the ecosystem, trawling or dredging fishing techniques are prohibited.

pollution prevention

Pollution Prevention:

Approved processing facilities must conserve resources and minimize marine pollution from runoff, sewage and waste.

In order to meet IVO marine stewardship standards, fish oil suppliers must be certified by or progressing towards compliance with one or more of the following certification bodies; or be able to demonstrate that they utilize practices consistent with one or more of the following certification bodies: