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About Us

Welcome to International Verified Omega-3

International Verified Omega-3™ is an independent, not-for-profit organization whose goal is to:

  • 1) Increase consumer confidence in the quality of fish oils rich in omega-3s
  • 2) Help consumers identify and select the best omega-3 products for their health
  • 3) Advocate for and support responsible marine stewardship and the long term sustainability of fish populations and habitat around the world
  • 4) Provide a certification program for fish oils that adheres to the highest standards for purity and potency verification


Programs will include:

  • 1) Industry Education
  • 2) Sustainable Fishing Best Practices
  • 3) Manufacturing Best Practices (cGMP)
  • 4) Responsible Marketing
  • 5) Research
  • 6) Advocacy

Retailers Education

  • 1) Marketing and Merchandising Strategies
  • 2) Responsible Advertising

Consumer education

  • 1) Benefits of Omega-3s
  • 2) How to Select Omega-3s