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New Survey Results re Use of Omega-3 and Dietary Supplements During COVID-19 Pandemic

18 Jun 2020, Posted by IVO in Advocacy

Omega-3 advocacy group, GOED, has shared the findings of a series of surveys conducted by Toluna, a consumer research company, with respect to consumer attitude and lifestyle changes in Europe, the Americas and Asia related to COVID-19.

Highlights from the most recent set of findings, which compares findings to a survey completed in March include:

  • Double digit increases in nutritional supplement usage across all markets surveyed, averaging 29%. [Slide 1]
  • Immune strengthening and “increased overall health and wellbeing” were the dominant goals for this increase in usage. [Slide 2]
  • An average of 29% of consumers who consume dietary supplements in 10 countries intend to consume fish oils or other omega-3s in the near term. [Slide 3]
  • An average of 33% of those surveyed intend to be more health conscious and use supplements in the coming months as quarantine restrictions ease. [Slide 4]

It’s a detailed report so please use the highlights’ links above to go directly to those slides.