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Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) provides  IVO with expert scientific advice on a full spectrum of topics from management, testing protocols and industry regulations.



Robert Orr

Robert Orr is the chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee. He is also the CEO and Managing Director of Cuna del Mar; a private equity fund company specializing in environmentally sustainable aquaculture investments. His management career spans over 30 years at the senior management level in the marine biotech, nutritional ingredient, food retailing, food wholesaling and retail advertising industries. His breadth of experience ranges from creation and management of several start-up companies, not-for-profit organizations to large multi-national corporations with annual revenues in excess of $1 billion. His excellent contributions were recently honored as a 2014 Hall of Fame honoree which celebrates professionals who have made major contributions to the growth and development of the natural products industry.

Robert is passionate about the need for self-regulation in the natural products industry to gain consumer trust and strengthen the industry’s credibility among regulators. For more on Robert’s journey in the natural products industry, please click here.

Previously, Robert Orr was the co-founder, CEO and Chairman of Ocean Nutrition Canada Limited (ONC), the world’s largest ingredient supplier of omega-3s fish oil to the dietary supplement and functional food industry. The company received numerous awards, national and international, for its innovations and rapid growth.